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The idea and background behind Mindfit


The idea for Mindfit came to Hilde after she went through a tough time and needed motivation to change her thought patterns, shift her focus and set limits.

As she learned the methods and techniques that worked for her, she discovered that simple measures can result in big changes – just by becoming aware of how we react in challenging situations.

Her sister Janne is a psychologist, and persuaded Hilde to try EMDR therapy.

Everyone needs to sort out their lives!
– Janne Ekeberg Amundsen, psychologist

EMDR therapy helped Hilde learn to understand how it all fit together.
The “Eureka” moment came when, during treatment, she experienced how everything that had happened earlier in her life had been “remembered” by her body, and how her body reacted when she relived past events.

Our body has a kind of physical memory of everything that we have experienced in our lives. This affects our behavior, and is something that we bring with us into similar situations later.


Identify situations, thoughts and feelings

skisse-kroppOne aspect of Mindfit allows you to identify and record situations, feelings and thoughts – so that you become more aware of how you react when facing a challenge. Get to know yourself so that you understand what is happening to you and how you can do something about this to make it better.

Record something good

An important part of the program is the ability to record positive experiences. The recording process is important to help build up your sense of mastery, so you can better handle the positive and the negative things in your life.

By recording positive events, you will become more aware of what gives you energy in your everyday life, so that you can better identify the priorities you want to focus on – and thus feel happier. This, in addition to using the self-help techniques that are included in the program will help you cope better.

Mindfit is based on Hilde’s experiences and user needs. It has been quality assured by her sister Janne, who is an experienced psychologist and specialist in EMDR and cognitive therapy.

The idea is that since this approach worked for Hilde, it will also work for other people too.

We hope you will enjoy Mindfit.