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Mindfit helps you get a better everyday life, and become more aware of the positive things happening in your life right now. 

Using proven methods and techniques, you will be guided to a better life – whether it’s about coping with stress or training yourself to improve your self esteem and sense of achievement.

** A number of psychologists in Norway now recommend Mindfit to their patients!

Mindfit is designed so that it simulates some of the issues and techniques a psychologist would use in his or her first meeting with an individual seeking help.

Mindfit is suitable for all kinds of people in difficult situations or who are in a period of their lives where they feel stressed, need motivation or are depressed and lack energy.

It helps you become aware of your problem areas and gives you insight into what keeps you from changing. One important technique is helping you become more aware of negative thought patterns and feelings.


add your infoMindfit’s goal is to help others get a better everyday life

We want to help others – shift focus, set limits and get a greater sense of empowerment with respect to the challenges we all face in our everyday lives. An important aspect of this program is recording positive experiences. Keeping records is an important way to improve your ability to cope, so you can better handle both the positive and negative things in your life.

As a psychologist, Janne recommends that her patients keep a log of the positive events in their lives, as well as when they have successfully mastered something. It’s a way for them to keep their spirits up, and see that they are on the right track. This kind of record keeping can be done in a book, but Janne has also seen that it can be easy for people to forget to write things down. Mindfit takes care of this.

You always have your mobile phone – and Mindfit takes advantage of this, by reminding users to keep track of events and positive experiences. We know from experience that change involves both ups and downs, and Mindfit offers different tools and techniques that can be helpful when challenges arise. These are techniques that are found in the psychologist’s toolbox – everything from breathing exercises to finding a symbol or power animal that can help you in the face of your challenge.

Everyone has periods where they feel depressed, worried or anxious as a result of private or work-related challenges. Adversity and setbacks are a normal part of life.

Based on personal experience and user needs

Hilde og Janne AmundsenThe idea for Mindfit came after Hilde was searching for a tool that could help her through a tough period, by shifting her focus and helping her learn to set limits and change her thought patterns. She didn’t quite find the tool she was looking for, but as she learned methods and techniques that worked for her, she discovered that simple measures can result in big changes – just by helping us become aware of how we react in challenging situations. Hilde was so inspired she decided to pursue her idea and develop this product. The app is based on her experiences and user needs.

Mindfit has also been quality assured and developed with Hilde’s sister Janne Ekeberg Amundsen, who is an experienced psychologist and co-owner of the company.

The tool is inspired by well-recognized treatments such as cognitive therapy and EMDR, but also by the more general communication and therapy techniques used in psychology.

Mindfit is intended as a way to help you to help yourself.
While the app is a self-help tool, it isn’t a substitute for treatment by a psychologist. The tool is meant to be a guide and a motivator, so that you can more easily follow through on the changes that you have decided to make.

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