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Mindfit is a selhelp app that focuses on mental health training.

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Mindfit gives you techniques that motivates you to achieve your goals, change your thought patterns and make new habits! 

It’s easy to get stuck in negative thoughts and feelings about yourself when you go trough a tough time like stress, lack of energy and motivation or depression.

  • With simple steps and techniques Mindfit teaches users to shift their focus away from negative thought patterns and low self-esteem, to a greater sense of mastery and positive thoughts about themselves.
  • It helps users to be aware of their problem areas, and gain insight into what prevents them from changing their situation, in part by becoming aware of negative thoughts and feelings.
  • Change takes time and usually consists of both progress and setbacks. Mindfit helps you see that you are on the right track!

User feedback from App Store and Google Play

” This app is by far the best tracker for you to reflect on when you’re not feeling at your best, to show you your worth and boost your confidence day by day. As someone who suffers from anxiety and confidence issues, this app has helped me realise my potential and has great techniques to relax and become more mindful, without too many whistles and bells attached to it. Brilliant!

This is a really useful app for positive thinking and helping you to see all the good things that happen through out the days. It helps you to see the small things too that can get drowned out by negative thoughts. Good for setting yourself goals to achieve too. I have only been using the app for about 5 days but I am noticing a difference and am really happy with the app.”

“A brilliant way of recording the things that ‘top up’ your tank. The reminders are useful if youare not normally very good and renumbering to do something.”

Mindfit is designed so that it simulates some of the issues and techniques a psychologist would use in his or her first meeting with an individual seeking help.


A number of psychologists in Norway now recommend Mindfit to their patients!

The program is suitable for all kinds of people in difficult situations or who are in a period of their lives where they feel stressed, need motivation or are depressed and lack energy.

The program is divided into three areas:

1) Describe yourself

Here you identify situations, feelings and thoughts – so that you become more aware of how you react when facing a challenge. In addition, you start with some simple techniques you can use when you are in a challenging situation.

2) Record something good

An important aspect of this program is that you keep track of positive experiences. Shifting your focus to situations that you have mastered helps you solve your challenges.

3) Self-help Techniques

iphone techniques EngHere we have collected various techniques you can use when you are in a challenging situation, and where you can also add your own experiences to help you reach your goals.

Mindfit is intended as a way to help you to help yourself.
While the app is a self-help tool, it isn’t a substitute for treatment by a psychologist. The tool is meant to be a guide and a motivator, so that you can more easily follow through on the changes that you have decided to make.

Has there been research on Mindfit?
Mindfit has not yet been the subject of a full scientific study, although this is something we could envisage in the future. Mindfit has been tested on a sample of 10 people who used the app and then were interviewed about their user experience. They responded that Mindfit had helped them to be more aware of what was positive in their lives. We also used the feedback from our test subjects to fine-tune Mindfit.

We welcome additional feedback from Mindfit users and will use this as we further develop the app.

Mindfit does not collect personal information about you as a user of this app. All the information that you record is stored only on your mobile phone. Read more about our terms and privacy policy


my good things

The Mindfit app will help get you started!
Using proven methods and techniques, you will be guided to a better life – whether in stress management or self-esteem. Download the Mindfit App: On App Store  / On Google Play