Accept your thoughts and feelings!

Now and then you might try too hard to control your thoughts and feelings. Here’s a technique you can practice letting your thoughts and feelings wander freely.

Here’s how: – Allow at least 3 minutes for this exercise:

Your assignment is to observe what pops up and just let it be there for a while. Do this for both positive and negative thoughts and feelings.

  • Once you have learned to accept your thoughts and feelings, you will eventually notice that is is easier to let them go.
  • It’s important to not give negative thoughts and feelings too much room in your thoughts, but just enough attention.

Pretend that your thoughts and feelings are clouds floating across the sky.

  • There’s no reason to try to push the clouds away or control their movements
  • Treat your thoughts and feelings as if they are clouds
  • Imagine that your negative thoughts and feelings are inside the clouds
  • Accept that they are there, but at the same time try to leave them alone
  • Just imagine that they are simply passing you by

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