Highly sensitive – Finding strength in your sensitivity

sensitive-and-strong-mindfitapp-s(Read this in Norwegian)
written by Lian Kirksæther

At the outset, being sensitive is a strength, but it can easily be turned into something negative in our society.

Today’s society is characterized by deadlines and time constraints, and places ever increasing demands on the individual, which combined are not a good fit for sensitive individuals. This causes more and more people to be stressed and sick, and increases burnt-out, because the nervous system in sensitive individuals has a lower threshold for activation, and these individuals take in more information from the environment than average. [···]

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A mini-psychologist in your pocket

my good things

Mindfit helps you get a better everyday life, and become more aware of the positive things happening in your life right now. 

Using proven methods and techniques, you will be guided to a better life – whether it’s about coping with stress or training yourself to improve your self esteem and sense of achievement.

** A number of psychologists in Norway now recommend Mindfit to their patients!

Mindfit is designed so that it simulates some of the issues and techniques a psychologist would use in his or her first meeting with an individual seeking help.

Mindfit is suitable for all kinds of people in difficult situations or who are in a period of their lives where they feel stressed, need motivation or are depressed and lack energy.

It helps you become aware of your problem areas and gives you insight into what keeps you from changing. One important technique is helping you become more aware of negative thought patterns and feelings.



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Midlife crisis?

Midlife-crisis(Read this in Norwegian – les denne på Norsk)

There have been many studies of “the midlife crisis”. A number of research reports have shown that people have different levels of happiness over the course of their lives.

Population-wide surveys show that a person’s average satisfaction with life begins to decline slightly towards the end of our twenties. After that it continues to decline, until it reaches its lowest level during our mid-forties. Then the trend reverses, so that as we pass 50, we are increasingly happy, a situation that is happily not reversed until the last few years of our lives.


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