We are very grateful for all the feedback we have gotten and continue to get. We appreciate it all, as well as the suggestions for improving the app.

Ove Heradstveit

Ove Heradstveit, psychologist and owner of the web portal Hjelptilhjelp.no

My positive comments about Mindfit are simply because I have great faith in the app. I’ve looked at and considered many apps over a period, and think their app stands out from many other apps in a positive way.

I have confidence that the app can be very useful for many people, because it gives users a perspective on their coping skills while helping them to feel understood and recognized in relation to problems that users record in the app. It this way, it actually does serve as a “mini-psychologist,” as the developers like to say.

Tea Agerup, psychologist

Tea Agerup, psychologist

I recommend Mindfit to both friends and patients in my clinical practice as a psychologist. It can help people through trying times or with minor problems such as difficulty concentrating or motivational problems in everyday life.

For people who struggle with psychological problems such as anxiety, depression or burnout, Mindfit serves as an excellent support tool outside of therapy appointments. Good therapy depends on the patient’s own efforts, and the app is well adapted to this particular aspect of treatment. The app also contains other helpful tools that users may be curious about and want to learn more about, such as mindfulness, EMDR and cognitive therapy.


Marit Pettersen, Trondheim

The Mindfit app is a tool that has been very helpful to me in my everyday life. It helps keep me focused on the positive when I have faced demanding challenges. I always have it with me and can take it out for support when the need arises. It’s a place where you can keep track of your good experiences and remind yourself that you are on the right track. If you don’t remember to record things right away, you get always a little reminder when your phone is switched on and the app shows up.

In addition to having the app on my phone, I have also “liked” Mindfit on Facebook, where I have really enjoyed what has been posted. There are lots of good, useful links to articles that are helpful to anyone and everyone who wants to improve their quality of life.


A 35-year-old man from Skien

This app is really the answer to many problems that I’ve had my whole life. I often put myself in the “doghouse” and regret so many strange things I say and do to others. I often think, I am so odd … But now I have reversed this trend by focusing on good things.

I have tried psychologists, group therapy, courses, pastoral counseling, friends, self-knowledge, self-blame and shame… I have thoroughly examined myself so many times—but without getting anywhere. Mindfit doesn’t tell me how great I am, how valuable I am … or tell me who I am supposed to be. It just helps me to help myself to see that I am good enough – as a friend, an employee and human being.

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