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Mindfit helps you get a better everyday life, and become more aware of the positive things happening in your life right now.

The program is divided into three areas: Describe yourselfe, Record something good and Self-help Techniques
Mindfit is designed so that it simulates some of the issues and techniques a psychologist would use in his or her first meeting with an individual seeking help.

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An important aspect of this program is recording positive experiences. Keeping records is an important way to improve your ability to cope, so you can better handle both the positive and negative things in your life.

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What we think about ourselves affect how we perceive a situation. We´re not always aware of our thought patterns. Mindfit gives you techniques that help you! 

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We know from experience that change involves both ups and downs, and Mindfit offers different tools and techniques that can be helpful when challenges arise. These are techniques that are found in the psychologist’s toolbox – everything from breathing exercises to finding a symbol or power animal that can help you in the face of your challenge.

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Mindfit helps you live a better life!
Simple steps and techniques help you change your mindset, shift your focus and gain greater feeling of mastery over the challenges you face in your everyday life. Download the Mindfit App: On App Store / On Google Play

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