Better everyday life

You become what you think!

What you think about yourself affects how you perceive a situation. You are not always aware of your thought patterns. It is important to identify the thoughts that affect your belief in your ability to master things.
Mindfit can help you with this!


Motivation to start

Helps you get started

It is important to prepare for how you want change to happen, and when you want it to happen. Change is not just about setting goals for yourself, but also about what you can do to keep motivated to continue.

Mindfit shows you how!


We recommend the active use of the app for at least 3 weeks

Motivation to change

Change takes time and can involve both progress and setbacks. Think of change as if you are walking up stairs, where each stair step is the equivalent of a step forward, or a partial goal along the way.

Mindfit helps you see that you are on the right track!

The people behind Mindfit

Hilde Amundsen
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Hilde Amundsen

Founder and CEO

The idea for Mindfit came to Hilde after she went through a tough time and needed motivation to change her thought patterns, shift her focus and set limits.

Mindfit app
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Mindfit app

You become what you think!

With simple steps and techniques you can change your mindset and have a better everyday life. Mindfit helps you get started! Read more about Mindfit

Janne Ekeberg Amundsen
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Janne Ekeberg Amundsen

Psychologist and co-founder

Mindfit has been quality assured and developed in collaboration with Janne, who is an experienced psychologist.

  • I have confidence that the app can be very useful for many people, because it gives users a perspective on their coping skills while helping them to feel understood and recognized in relation to problems that users record in the app. It this way, it actually does serve as a “mini-psychologist,” as the developers like to say.

  • I recommend Mindfit to both friends and patients in my clinical practice as a psychologist. It can help people through trying times or with minor problems such as difficulty concentrating or motivational problems in everyday life.