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Idea & background

Mindfit was established in 2014 by Hilde Amundsen

Hilde og Janne E. Amundsen

The idea for Mindfit came to Hilde after she went through a tough time and needed motivation to change her thought patterns, shift her focus and set limits.

As she learned the methods and techniques that worked for her, she discovered that simple measures can result in big changes – just by becoming aware of how we react in challenging situations. The product is based on her experiences and user needs.

Mindfit has been quality assured and developed with Hilde’s sister Janne Ekeberg Amundsen, who is an experienced psychologist and co-owner of the company.

The tool is inspired by well-respected treatment methods such as cognitive therapy and EMDR, but also by the more general communication and therapy techniques used in psychology.

The program is suitable for all kinds of people in difficult situations or who are in a period of their lives where they feel stressed, need motivation or are depressed and lack energy. The program will also help you to shift your focus, and become aware of the positive things that are happening in your life right now.

Mindfit is intended as a way to help you to help yourself.
While the app is a self-help tool, it isn’t a substitute for treatment by a psychologist. The tool is meant to be a guide and a motivator, so that you can more easily follow through on the changes that you have decided to make.

We hope you will enjoy using Mindfit!
Best regards from Hilde and Janne

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Turn your life around with Mindfit!
Simple steps and techniques help you change your mindset, shift your focus and gain greater feeling of mastery over the challenges you face in your everyday life. Download Mindfit: On App Store / On Google Play