TheWebAppMarket gives thumbs up to Mindfit App as the best stress buster app for 2022

TheWebAppMarket gave thumbs up to Mindfit App as the perfect stress buster to drain all those negative vibes. Mindfit is a self-help app developed by a psychologist to train your mind and cope with all the negative energies and anxieties using techniques like cognitive therapy, positive therapy, and EMDR. 

In the Mindfit App, psychologist Janne Ekeberg Amundsen gave specific guidelines and exercises to train your mind and thoughts to transform into positive self-talk like MIndfulness, Visualisation Techniques, Attention Training, Relaxation Exercise, and Helpful Questions. 

Mindfit App offers the following features like Mapping, My Good Things, Self-Help etc, through which you can avail the exercises and techniques provided to deal with stress, anxiety, and time constraints. However, the app is not a substitute for psychological treatment. It is a self-help tool to calm your anxiety and depression into positive power to start your days afresh.  

We founded Mindfit because we have a strong desire to help people finding the strength in themselves and increase their quality of life. Success for us is when Mindfit makes a difference in peoples lives.

Hilde Amundsen, CEO


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