Positive feedback has an effect!

We are very grateful for all the feedback we have gotten and continue to get. We appreciate it all, as well as the suggestions for improving the app.

A few days ago we received an email that really affected us. We have been authorized by the person who sent us the email to share it. We respect that he does not want to share his name, however, so we are posting his comments anonymously.

A 35-year-old man from Skien

I have really benefited from this app. I installed it a few weeks ago, as soon as I found it. A few years ago I worked as an IT consultant and took calls from frustrated employees. I felt like there were a lot of angry customers! It ruined my day. But then I started to keep a record of the feedback I got, on two lists. One was for the grumpy, angry people, and the other was for the positive, friendly, patient and pleasant people. Guess which list had the most people first? Yes, the list with the friendly people! By a very large margin.

Something also happened with my focus as I kept these records. I learned to see how many nice customers we had. And they were so amazing! My experience means I know that this technique works. It’s a trick that teaches people to look at what gives them the energy and joy to go forward with life. For that reason, I bought Mindfit the moment I found out about it.

The Mindfit method has helped me to find something to focus on – the things I have mastered. It helps me see, in a concrete way, what I have achieved, it’s fantastic! It gives me energy and joy, and it has renewed my faith in myself. You have my heartfelt thanks for Mindfit.

I wish I had discovered Mindfit long ago. I really like the part where I can write that I made someone happy. I think this is the most important role that we humans can serve – to lift each other’s spirits. But it is something I haven’t been aware of enough.

I tried it with a friend, I sent him an email to thank him for being who he is. And I never would have thought that someone had so many good things to say about me. He wrote back and said so many nice things! It took so little from me … I think that you do have to love your neighbor to love yourself. And love yourself to love your neighbor. But where do you start? A good start is yes, once again – Mindfit!

This app is really the answer to many problems that I’ve had my whole life. I often put myself in the “doghouse” and regret so many strange things I say and do to others. I often think, I am so odd … But now I have reversed this trend by focusing on good things.

I have tried psychologists, group therapy, courses, pastoral counseling, friends, self-knowledge, self-blame and shame… I have thoroughly examined myself so many times—but without getting anywhere. Mindfit doesn’t tell me how great I am, how valuable I am … or tell me who I am supposed to be. It just helps me to help myself to see that I am good enough – as a friend, an employee and human being.

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